This is tool for Pardus online game. It generates images usable in forum signatures, and elsewhere. Here is example (from my Artemis character):

The advantage of using this tool is, that it refreshes the image every time it is displayed, so there is no need to change signature when you get new ribbon.

For it to work, you have to set ribbons visible for everyone, in your pardus profile. Visible for logged in users will not work, as my server has to connect to pardus site and get the profile page. And i do not want to get into requiring username and password.

The image address (of the image above) is:

You can use it as image (even though it has .php and not .jpg file extension). If you're still not sure how to use it, check html source of this page.


Is pardus universe, of your character, this can be changed to orion or pegasus


Player id. Change it for yours


Number of columns. Thats cool, because you can have it look like in profile (15 columns), or vertical (1 or 2) or anything else.


If that is set, if you have no ribbon for some npc, it will be skipped. Otherwise, there will be empty space where should be a ribbon.
You can leave this option out of url if you do not want this. The example url without skip would look like that:

But I strongly recommend using bigger number of columns when not using skip option.
Here is the same image as before, but without skip, and with 15 columns:

If you want a transparent png image, you can add &png=1 to the url, for example:

It is now complete with all NPCs that give ribbons, in correct order, including locusts and biks. Vyrex are also here, but im not sure about the order. If somebody had all possible ribbons, the image will look like this:

For list of NPCs, click here.

If you want to contact me, for errors in my tool, or this page, or ideas, you can send message to Vasha in Artemis, or Vasha the Second in Pegasus.